Sunday 5 December 2010

Nice evening ring at Church Lench

Some days nothing seems to go right . . . luckily this is to some extent balanced out by days when things go swimmingly! Last Saturday was one of those good days when I had a really enjoyable and successful evening ringing with the Four Shires Guild at the Church of All Saints, Church Lench. The weather was bad with freezing fog which may explain why only 9 ringers turned out. I rang pretty much my entire repertoire of methods including touches of  Plain Bob Doubles and Plain Bob Minor but also managed a touch of Stedman Doubles and rang the treble for Cambridge. The only method missing from my limited repertoire was Grandsire. I then ventured into new territory ringing the treble for Original Minor and the Tenor for All Saints (rung in recognition that the church is All Saints).

I have rung here a couple of times before but this occasion was certainly my most enjoyable one. The bells are not the easiest ones that I have rung and there is quite a few odd noises from up above when ringing several of the bells.