Saturday 2 May 2009

First Quarter Peal "inside"

Mayday sees a milestone in my bellringing pursuit, for the first time I rang inside for a Quarter Peal. The achievement is already posted on Campanophile but I want to thank the five who rang with me and helping me achieve my first.

It was quite an experience and I was not at all sure that I would be able to ring the 1260 changes without any mistakes. I must have been nervous because the evening did not get of to a very auspicious start, I started to ring up without first having made any coils! After exactly 42 minutes we finished. That works out at exactly one change every two seconds. I wouldn't say that the time flew, but it did seem to pass more quickly than when I rang my first ever Quarter Peal on the treble though this too took 42 minutes.

When we had rung the bells back down again we adjourned to the Brandy Cask for a celebratory drink.

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