Saturday 22 January 2011

First milestone on Triples

After ringing a Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Minor I set myself some goals, the most challenging of which was to master something on 8 bells. While I cannot claim to have achieved mastery, I have satisfied myself with ringing a Quarter Peal (recorded on Campanophile) of Grandsire Triples in a time of 44 minutes.

It takes eight people to ring Grandsire Triples and I could not have done it without the kind assistance of seven people willing to give up their time on a Friday evening to help me ring this for the first time.

Once again I have to decide what I want to tackle next. I will continue with Stedman, both Doubles and Triples, but I'll have to think a while about what new to tackle.

1 comment:

  1. Personally I am uncomfortable with Stedman in any form. I know what to do and all that, but in triples when calls are made they can make you stay at the back for longer and it is easy to lose track of whether you go in quick or slow. There are tricks to find out, but I feel the people who like to ring Stedman do not like other to go wrong. Little Bob Major is a good one to try next.

    I cam across your blog whilst Googling for ringing at Malvern.